Most energy drinks are designed only to stimulate the body from the neck down.

VIVE takes a more complete and holistic approach.

VIVE stimulates awareness, enhances your stamina, amplifies alertness, improves memory and sharpens focus. VIVE® is a nutritional energy drink for mind and body. It's a beverage based on principles of neuroscience; it's been developed as a holistic energy drink for both physical and mental energy. VIVE® delivers the promise, a whole body performance drink for mind and body with low levels of caffeine and sugar. A unique blend of specific amino acids, B Vitamins, green tea phenols and antioxidants that will

Nutrition-based energy versus a caffeine-based rush.

improve your mood, increase your stamina, help you stay alert and focused through better nutrition not just dangerous levels of caffeine and sugar. This delicious, lightly carbonated nutritional supplement tastes great and is designed to make your brain function at peak levels. VIVE® delivers the nutrients your brain needs to make specific communication chemicals called neurotransmitters. These natural brain neurotransmitters are essential for mental quickness, clarity of thought, memory and concentration.

Vive has just 40mg caffeine/serving.