VIVE is the smart energy drink for today's smarter, more active lifestyles. It stimulates awareness, enhances your stamina, amplifies alertness, improves memory and sharpens focus. VIVE is a nutritional energy drink for mind and body. A unique blend of specific amino acids, B Vitamins, green tea phenols and antioxidants that will improve your mood, increase your stamina, help you stay alert and focused through better nutrition.

This is the difference you've been looking for.

Blended With Intelligence.

No one has put more thinking into drinking than the creators of VIVE. The unique combination of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in VIVE have been chosen to work together, in unison, to truly enhance mental vitality and stimulate your stamina. And at the same time, VIVE's ingredients provide clarity and minimize stress. Learn more

Energy Without The Extremes.

VIVE is different. A smarter energy choice. With only 40mg of caffeine, VIVE has less than half the caffeine of most caffeinated drinks. So you feel revived, without the jitters. Plus, VIVE has just 20g of sugar. That's about half the sugar of soda, and markedly less than any of the best selling energy drinks. Now that's smart energy!
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A Naturally Smarter Choice.

VIVE blends the health benefits of green tea, the natural goodness of 12 essential vitamins and minerals, the protein power of phenylalanine and tyrosine, and the amazing benefits of the super nutrient choline. With VIVE you know what you're getting is natural, so you know that it's good. Learn more